My proudest moment! Here I am (top row, white sweater), hugging my stepgranddaughters, Kate (left) and Tara (right), in a picture taken right after I spoke to this lively group of second graders about what it’s like to be a writer. Standing next to the blackboard top right, is the Freehold Learning Center librarian, Joan Murphy.
My brilliant stepson, Ira, is my lawyer and a fellow mystery reader. He is the current Werowance (Leader) of the Wolfe Pack—an international organization of Nero Wolfe and Rex Stout fans, to which I also belong.
My candid and snappy stepdaughter, Liza, snapped most of the candids on this page. Without her, I’d have very few photos to show. So, if you get sick and tired of looking at my toothy grin, you know who to blame!
I met bestselling author Nelson DeMille when he attended a Literacy Volunteers of America fundraising event I helped organize (to which he had donated numerous autographed copies of his books for auction). After that event, Nelson became a strong supporter of LVA, generously agreeing to appear at a special LVA benefit booksigning each time one of his new new books came out. Here we are at the Carle Place, NY Barnes & Noble in 1997, for the signing of Plum Island, and again in 2004, for the signing of Night Fall. Needless to say, all the books and the benefits were blockbusters!
I was very honored when I was asked to speak at the New Jersey Library Association’s annual conference in 2006. Paul Schroeder, Reference Librarian at the Bound Brook Library in Somerset County, introduced me to the audience, provided moral support throughout my talk (I was nervous!), and gave me a helping hand at the booksigning afterward. Thanks again, Paul!
The first booksigning for my first Paige Turner mystery, Murderers Prefer Blondes, was held outdoors on a beautiful summer day at Fair Haven Books (now River Road Books)—one of the few remaining independent bookstores in my area.
In 2003 Nancy Hagen (red sweater), then Community Relations Director of the Barnes & Noble in Hazlet, NJ, arranged a lovely booksigning for me (for Murderers Prefer Blondes). My stepgranddaughters attended and were very proud of their Nana. Then, in 2004, when my next Paige Turner mystery, Murder Is a Girl’s Best Friend, came out, Ms. Hagan and the Hazlet B&N gave me another opportunity to promote myself and my series. Both evenings were enjoyable, successful, and very much appreciated (by me!).
The Barnes & Noble in Freehold, NJ hosted a booksigning for me and my very good friend, Ann Waldron, the author of five fabulous mysteries set at Princeton University (plus numerous other novels and biographies). That’s Ann, in the red-striped jacket in the background, having a lively chat with Dorothy Newmark, the very gracious, knowledgeable, and efficient B&N Community Relations Manager. And that’s Jeff and Theresa in the foreground, buying a bunch of books for themselves and their friends. (It pays to have “cousins-in-law” who read!) Cheek-to-cheek with my husband Harry in another picture taken the same evening, is Kate, his youngest granddaughter, and that’s Tara right behind them, observing the proceedings with her usual amused and all-knowing expression.
Oops—you caught me! Here I am in my office reading the New York Times online instead of working. And here come Tara and Kate, sporting the uniforms of their favorite sports teams, to cheer me on. The clock on the wall says it’s ten after four (see what a good detective I am?). It's time to put my trusty old eMac to sleep and dish out the ice cream...
This is my sister Molly—the beautiful and ultratalented artist who designed this website for me. She is my dearest ally, and my very best friend. If she didn’t live all the way out in Seattle, we’d be joined at the hip.
This dude’s name is Matthew Mitchell but I call him Neff, because he’s my sister’s son and, therefore, my nephew. Neff is hosting this website for me, and cheerfully coming to my aid whenever I experience a computer crisis (which is, like, every other day).
I’m just wild about Harry! My art-collector husband wrote all the goofy “beat” poems featured in my Paige Turner series, and scanned most of the images for this website. What can I say? He’s smart, silly, strong, sensitive, sexy, and supportive (alliterative, but true)—and I’ve been mad about the man for forty-two years.
The dog days of Christmas 2007: That’s Maizy in the Santa hat, and Tara and Kate with their snoots in whipped cream.
Harry took this shot from our backyard patio, capturing three adorable Disney characters with one click!
Phoebe is gentle, sweet, and affectionate to Harry and me, but to everybody else, she’s a hisser!
Homer is a very cool cat—so docile you could hold him forever (as long as you keep rubbing his belly).