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Amanda Matetsky - Official Author's Website

Home page of the official website of Amanda Matetsky, author of the Paige Turner Mysteries and the Annie March novels.

Amanda Matetsky's Bio

A brief summary of the author's life, including photos.

Books By Amanda Matetsky

A complete listing of the author's five popular Paige Turner Mysteries and her two "new" Annie March novels, including covers, prices, and synopses.

Amanda Matetsky's Paige Turner Mysteries

From the first book in the series (Murderers Prefer Blondes) to the last (Dial Me for Murder), Matetsky's Paige Turner mysteries are a blast from the past!

Amanda Matetsky's Annie March Novels

The Perfect Body and its sequel, The Serial Lover, set a lonely literacy tutor and her eccentric student on the road to love, adventure, and solving murders on Long Island.

Word Of Mouth About Amanda Matetsky

What reviewers and other authors have to say about Amanda's work.

Amanda Matetsky's Photo Album

A collection of family pix and book-signing candids shot during the course of Amanda's fiction-writing career.

Contact Amanda Matetsky

Email the author, join her mailing list, contact her agent or publishers, or visit her favorite websites through this convenient Links & Contacts page.